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Five Tips to Gorgeous Eyes


Often when I ask clients what feature they would like to accentuate they tell me their eyes, so I thought for this blog I would give you five of my favourite tips to gorgeous, fresh eyes.

Groom Your Eyebrows

You see, you can do a fabulous face of makeup but if you neglect your eyebrows, it’s left looking unfinished and unpolished. As a beauty therapist for the last 10 years I have seen many eyebrow trends come and go – my recommendation is always to work with your natural brow shape. I believe visiting a professional is the best way to discover the right eyebrow look for you, and then (if you feel confident) you can maintain them in between visits.

Be sure not to over pluck, pull skin firm and pull the hair in the direction it is growing. For especially unruly brows you can use a little bit of eyebrow gel or clear mascara to tame them. If your eyebrows are sparse use an eye or brow shadow to fill them in, making sure you blend with a soft blending brush to soften the edges. Don’t go too dark – no more than two shades darker than your natural colour, and if you already have dark brows but need a section filled you don’t need to colour match – going a shade or two lighter will soften them a little.  If your eyebrows are not dark enough you can get them tinted by your beauty therapist, making sure you follow the same rules of thumb when it comes to colour.

I recommend Tweezerman slant tweezers-Range from $29-$60 so shop around. Try Strawberrynet or Benefit Cosmetics.

Curl Your Eyelashes

I’m always amazed at the difference curling your lashes can make. This simple step opens up the eyes making them look bigger, brighter and fresher, not to mention automatically making your lashes look longer. For those of us that do not have naturally curly eyelashes my two favourite solutions are using an eyelash curler daily or getting an eyelash perm. The curler is a quick and easy solution that you would do before applying mascara. The eyelash perm is my absolute favourite treatment ever, lasting up to 6 weeks, curling your lashes right from the base. Always finish with a coat or two of mascara.

I recommend Lashlift Eyelash Perm. This is a treatment that I get done and also practice at my home salon Simply Beauty Studio. Cost is $70 and the result will blow you away.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler – the best eyelash curler in the land (according to absolutely anyone who has used it). $40 from David Jones and will last you a lifetime if you look after it.

Use an Eye Primer

If you plan to wear eye shadow or eyeliner Eye Primer helps with the natural eyelid oils, ensuring your eye makeup lasts all day and night. After applying and the primer has dried I always dust a neutral shadow or powder over the eyelid. This helps when blending your eye shadow later.

I recommend Nars Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base – try Mecca Cosmetics $39, Make Up For Ever Eye Prime – PM Studios $32 or Gorgeous Cosmetics iPrime Eyeshadow Base $35

Eyeliner on the Top Lash Line

Even those with small eyes can wear eyeliner this way. This accentuates your eyelashes and can make your eyes look bigger. I personally love a gel eyeliner as they are easier to manipulate once applied (although you still have to be quick as once this product dries it stays put). It’s all in the brush – an angled eyeliner brush will become your best friend. Don’t be put off if you find this tip challenging at first, I assure you practice makes it easier. I tilt my head back slightly, stretch my eyelid with my eyes looking slightly down (remember your head is tilted back a little) to apply. Always test the eyeliner on the back of your hand first as this will show you how thick the line will be on your eyelids. Use a clean brush to ensure you get a clean line. If you want a softer line blend with a small blending brush before the gel liner dries completely and/or dust over the line with a black eye shadow.

I recommend MAC Fluidline gel pot $32 MAC or Make Up For Ever Aqua Crème Liner $34 PM Studios. Rae Morris Angle Brow and Mascara Definer $13.80 and Chiselled Smudger $21.95 Rae Morris Online Shop


Get a Good Night’s Sleep

I know you know this but it’s one of the most important tips for keeping our eyes looking (and feeling) great. You know why and I know sometimes it’s difficult to make happen but whenever possible get a good night’s rest to keep redness and puffiness away 🙂


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