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A month of education

I have just had an amazing month learning from talented and experienced legends of my industry. I can’t tell you how exciting it was to meet and be educated by women who have forged incredible careers in the hair and makeup world.

The first course I attended was the 4 day Sharon Blain Base Camp. Sharon Blain is a hair styling legend and I have dreamed of doing one of her courses for many years. I chose to do Sharon’s new workshop designed for makeup artists, apprentices and new stylists. It was paced for beginners and was jam packed full of tips and core essentials for hair styling. Sharon and her team were humble, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. This course fulfilled all of my expectations and I loved every second.

The second course I did was a 6 day intense bridal/fashion bootcamp at Make-up Mode with Susan Markovic. Susan is the most generous makeup teacher I have ever been taught by. She shares absolutely every bit of knowledge she has collected in her 26 year makeup career. Products, techniques, experiences – nothing was off limits. I cannot wait to attend another one of Susan’s courses.

Below are some pictures of just some of the makeup and hair I got to do at the workshops. A special thank you to Aracely, Tracy, Cassy, Hannah, Jodie and Debbie for lending me your faces 🙂 xxx

ipad March April 2014 312 ipad March April 2014 313 ipad March April 2014 314 ipad March April 2014 315 ipad March April 2014 348 ipad March April 2014 343 ipad March April 2014 331 ipad March April 2014 332 ipad March April 2014 333 ipad March April 2014 334 ipad March April 2014 335 ipad March April 2014 340 ipad March April 2014 339 ipad March April 2014 310 ipad March April 2014 308 ipad March April 2014 307  ipad March April 2014 305 kellys iphone march april 2014 868

Hannah bridal ipad March April 2014 383 Jodie Intense Smokey.jpg 2 ipad March April 2014 386 ipad March April 2014 379 kellys iphone march april 2014 889


For more information about these courses please visit and


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